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Home remodeling is an excellent choice for people who want to increase the property value or to build a warm, inviting, and full of happy memories home for themselves and their loved ones. At Sydney Budget Kitchens, we have all the exceptional renovation solutions for your home remodeling needs. We aim to provide you the unparalleled quality renovation service at the most desirable price.

Our Process

Send us an email for a design quote

Step 1 – Send us an email

You send us few pictures of your existing bathroom, kitchen or other home spaces via email. You can also include your budget range, layout, wish list and objectives of your renovation project in the email.

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Step 2 – Receive a design and quote

By integrating your thoughts and ideas with our expert design skills and renovation experiences, you will then receive our preliminary scope of renovation with a concept design and a cost estimation of the total work.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 3 – In-home design consultation

We meet you in your property to go over and explain the design, process, products, other options, additional work and cost in more details. During this time, we take measurements and pictures of your existing spaces too.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 4 – Receive a final design and quote

You receive a no-obligation upfront quote with our final concept design and development of your project. You will review the entire scope of work and finishes, and then discuss any modification with us if required.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 5 – Schedule a start date

As soon as we receive your approval of the project, the start date and payment schedule will be determined. We will also collect the initial deposit and prepare the final construction drawings.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 6 – Complete construction drawings

We visit your property few times to validate and finalize the project scope, and to add finishing touches to the final construction drawings, ensuring your new kitchen or bathroom will be designed and installed precisely.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 7 – Prepare and deliver materials

We prepare, schedule, coordinate and deliver construction materials and products prior to work starting, using a cloud-based planning system to avoid construction delays or any unnecessary handling.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 8 – Pre-construction

Many important steps are taken by our team during pre-construction phase to ensure the success of your home renovations, e.g. meetings, schedules, timelines, checklist, floor protections, skip bin delivery and more.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 9 – During construction

We keep you up to date on your renovation progress. You will submit payments as outlined in the renovation agreement. The site will be cleaned daily. We make every effort to be considerate of you and your home.

Free Kitchen or Bathroom 3D Design and Quote

Step 10 – Post-construction

Upon completion of our first-class quality job, you take your time on the final inspection to ensure your overall project satisfaction. Once you are 100% happy with the final outcome, the last payment is then made to us.

Remodeling your kitchen and bathroom is a great way to add value to your home

definitely worth the investment

Our Mission

Our Vision

We strive to be the top trusted renovation company based in NSW. We will continue to deliver quality products and outstanding services to meet the needs of our customers. To earn the respect and trust of our customers, we will constantly invest in training in workplace, improve & develop our design and technology knowledge, project management skills, and building & construction techniques. We are committed to building  trust and developing relationships, one project at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver excellence in home renovations, to meet our customers expectations and exceed them. By consistently achieving outstanding results and high level of customers satisfaction, we earn great customer retention and a very strong brand reputation. Our superior skills, unparalleled experiences and exceptional quality of works in kitchen and bathroom renovations have served our customers well in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Our Motivation

As a trustworthy home renovations contractor we know and love, we are always motivated by what is important to our customers. We put our customers' interests ahead of our own as always. Seeing smiles on our customers' faces for our hard work keeps our business running. We believe that the long lasting success of our business is based on our motivation to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering top-quality services and often going above and beyond.

"Your communication and attention to detail was fantastic and you showed an unbelievable amount of care throughout the whole process, so thank you!"

We deliver the best home remodeling services as cost effectively as possible.

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