How Do I Start A Home Renovation In Sydney

1. The Purpose of Your Home Renovation

  • Sell the property?
  • Rent out the property?
  • Fix existing leaking or damage?
  • Just a new look with more functionality?

2. Your Home Renovation Budget: Do not spend more than 5% of your property total value:

  • Doing it all at once: cheaper;
  • Doing it bit by bit: to relieve the financial stress.

3. Set A Time-Frame: You are losing money if your renovations cause the delayed of selling, renting or moving into this renovated home.

4. What To Renovate: Your kitchen and bathroom should be considered as a top remodeling priority.

5. Selecting The Right Person For The Right Job: A good renovator must help you from start to finish, help you through designing, planning, choosing materials, getting renovation approval, organizing the whole project, supervising the sub-contractors and troubleshooting any job site unexpected issues.