Building a Bathroom Your Kids Will Love: Design Tips and Tricks

A Parents' Guide to Designing a Bathroom for Children

A child-friendly bathroom is essential for families with young children. It should be a safe and comfortable place for children to learn and develop their independence. Developing a child-friendly bathroom is not a difficult task and does not necessarily involve a full bathroom renovation. With some planning and creativity, parents can create a space that meets the unique needs of their kids.

A Grandfather and Granddaughter High Fiving Each Other in a children friendly bathroom

Non-slip surfaces

Kids love to play in the bathroom, and water can make surfaces slippery, which can cause injuries. Therefore, it's essential to use non-slip surfaces in the bathroom, especially on the floor. Tiles with a textured finish or non-slip bath mats can provide an excellent grip to avoid falls and accidents.

Low-height storage

Adults tend to keep bathroom storage at a higher level, which can be challenging for kids to access. Therefore, it's essential to consider low-height storage to help children reach towels, toys, and other essential items. The storage space should also have safety locks to keep children from accessing cleaning supplies, skin care items, and medicine.

Soft edges

Sharp edges can be dangerous, especially for young children who are prone to slips and falls. Therefore, it's essential to consider installing bathroom fixtures with soft edges. Rounded corners on sinks, toilet bowls, and tubs can help reduce the risk of injuries.


Adding colorful stools to the bathroom can help children reach sinks and other higher areas. Wooden stools can be purchased from local hardware stores and painted in cheerful colors. Stools can make it easier for kids to brush their teeth, wash their hands, and get ready in the morning.

Cute accessories

Bathroom decor can make the space appealing to kids. Adding colorful accents, such as a cute painting, wall decals, colorful towels, and bathroom mats, can make the bathroom feel less like a chore and more like a fun place. Replaceable style elements such as mason jars and other accessories can help maintain the bathroom's child-friendly atmosphere as kids grow older.

Smart tech

Smart technology such as thermostatic mixers can regulate the water temperature, ensuring that the shower delivers a consistent water temperature, thereby avoiding dangerous scalds. Swiveled taps are an excellent addition to the bathroom as they can be swiveled out of the way once the bath is filled, preventing little ones from bumping their heads.

Use soft-close toilet seats

Children can easily get their fingers trapped in a heavy toilet seat. Soft-close toilet seats prevent accidental injuries and provide a quieter, more peaceful bathroom experience.

Easy Maintenance

Less time spent maintaining the bathroom means more time having fun with the family. Large-format tiles that are easier to clean, more hygienic, and require less grout, are a good option. A wall-hung toilet makes the task of cleaning around the toilet easy, because it does not need to be cleaned, making the bathroom floor much easier to mop. Wall-to-floor tiles can keep walls safe and dry, and good quality water-resistant paint can be used.

In conclusion, a child-friendly bathroom is a must-have for parents who want to keep their children safe while making their lives easier. Implementing non-slip surfaces, low-height storage, soft edges, stools, cute accessories, smart tech, wall-hung toilets, and large-format tiles can make a big difference in creating a bathroom that's functional and appealing to kids. If you're planning to create a child-friendly bathroom, consider Sydney Budget Kitchens. We are experienced in bathroom renovations and can provide the expertise needed to create the perfect bathroom for you and your family.


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